BBL Systems supports our products via eMail, fax and telephone.  BBL also provides detailed verbal walk-throughs/training through our YouTube learning videos and personal customized training in your store or in our Atlanta office.

After your purchase warranty period expires, BBL offers a optional economical support agreement.  Our Platinum support agreement includes phone, email & fax support.  Please refer to our Client Care Options for more information.  Remember, we’re always available to help even if you choose not to have an agreement for support.

To determine your software version and warranty/agreement dates in the ProfitSystem© Click HELP-> ABOUT

For a list of  the latest feature enhancements please review our ver. 13 feature upgrade list.

Your question may have been answered in our News articles where you may search for your question to see possible solutions.  Please remember to check that area first.We have training videos that show most of the common operations in our software.  The videos are found on YouTube (click this link for library).

You can also submit a question directly to our support team using the BBL Customer Portal (recommended) 
bbl-solutions-customer portal

or send a email directly to [email protected]

Calling BBL

Some questions may be best handled via a phone call.  So please call when the situation arises and you need to speak to a tech support specialist.  Our phone number is 770-502-6368.  To reach our sales department directly enter extension 137.  The BBL fax number is 770-234-4223.

Our dedicated staff are often on the phone with other customers, so leave a message if prompted.  Remember to provide as much detail in the message as possible so we may attempt to replicate your issue if needed.  We return Voicemail messages on a first in, first out basis with a priority system given to our customers with service agreements in effect.  All emergency calls are given priority over general support calls and returned within a few minutes.

Our standard support hours are Monday thru Friday 10am to 6pm EST.  Closed Holidays.  Emergency support for Saturday is available for customers with service agreements.