BBL’s Tuxedo Profit System Point of Sale (TPOS) software solution is designed for single store or multi-store operators.  This system includes the same features as our powerful Bridal Profit System software and adds rental order creation, editing and reporting.

Items are not limited to only tuxedos.  Any item type may be rented, examples are: coats, pants, knelling benches, gowns, candelabra, shoes etc .  Also, with this module the store does NOT have to own the inventory of rental items.  TPOS allows the operator sub-rent the rental goods from a supplier offering the necessary software tools to manage that process.

Customers who own their rental inventory and wish to reserve that inventory for current and future orders should also review BBL’s Tuxedo Profit System Plant management software.  The TPS software may be ran standalone or integrated with the TPOS system.

With the evolving business requirements of the rental industry, TPOS is the only software system available that can easily adapt to these changing needs. TPOS has a strong foundation in apparel retail, special order (needed for bridal), and rental order management. Rental order management may be utilized to operators who do not own their rental inventory OR those operators that own thousands of rental garments.

BBL Tuxedo Point of Sale (TPOS)

Important WinBPS functions include:

  • Prospect Registration with Next Task Trackin
  • Prospect Trade Show List Importing
  • Integrated letter (option text & eMail) follow-up with Customers & Prospects (no need to purchase an expensive word processor)
  • Optional SMS or eMail or Voice notifications when rentals are ready for pickup
  • Event Registration (Wedding, Social, Prom ..etc) Management
  • Rental Order Tracking including, ordering & receiving from supplier, customer pickup & payment, customer returns with automatic late or lost merchandise charges.
  • Wedding Registration Tracking with quick data entry of rental members.  Special group pricing, individual pickup or return date overrides.
  • Discount/Markdown tracking
  • Point of Sale functionality including the ability to mix rental & retail transactions on the same customer ticket, support for rental security desposits and/or partial payments.
  • Cash Register features with cash drawer and barcode reader support
  • Integrated Special Order (Purchase Order) creation/tracking/follow-up (optional)
  • Layaway Inventory tracking with integrated follow-up capabilities
  • Inventory (retail) tracking with detailed analysis
  • Rental inveoty Style management with size validation & measurement conversion to size
  • Fast Catalog entry & pricing
  • With or without coat pricing
  • Rental Pricing by store
  • Daily Accounting reports (not a simple Z like most systems)
  • Many sales & rental order statistical management reports
  • Report Generated to develop your own or export to other programs like EXCEL
  • Optional Appointment Management, Custom Fitting Management, Detailed Employee Time Clock, Employee scheduling, eMail Integration, Special Order Management add-ons
  • Option marketing automation, where eMails or SMS or Voice messages may be sent based upon triggers
  • Sales merchandising and employee performance reports