Top Features of The Latest Update

Been a while since you last updated The Profit System? 

While it might feel like you saving time or saving money (if you don’t have a support contract), you could actually be hurting your business, making your employee’s lives harder, and costing your more money in productivity in the long run.  If you have a support contract, well… best to upgrade your bridal shop point of sale!

BBL Systems and Solutions has the deepest and by far the most developed bridal industry specific bridal point of sale.  It is a family owned company that developed the software based off of more than 30 years of experience in their own shop, as well developed based off of experience from the more than 1000 installations world wide.  This program is deep and feature rich with new features added constantly  based off feed back DIRECTLY from bridal shop owners just like you.

If you’re still using version 12, 11, or 9, or DOS, you’re making life much harder than it needs to be.

Here are the top reasons you need to upgrade:

New Tools To Communicate with Your Brides Through Your Bridal Point of Sale

Communication is the center piece of a bride’s experience in our shops and and integral part of our business.  Make your life and your bride’s life easier by upgrading to the newest version of ProfitSystem and start communicating like a pro with Engage.

Engage is a simple and effective communication hub inside the ProfitSystem that allows you to respond to a brides with your store’s email address.  Easily link emails to your brides, create ToDos, and more.

This feature is a must have. 

Sophisticated Payment Integrations and Worry Free PC Compliance

Probably one of the more significant and noteworthy changes BBL Systems made over the last few versions was the tight integration with ChargeIt Pro. 

Process payments directly in BBL without having to worry about being PCI compliant or having to worry about credit card data being stolen using integrated credit card processing terminals.  The integration also makes it a breeze to save credit cards and easily charge customers over the phone for balances.

Do your brides request payment plans?  BBL’s new payment plan feature makes payment plans simple and AUTOMATIC.  Interested?  Contact BBL support NOW to learn more.

Automate Payments on Tickets with BBL SnapPay

Send out an email to a bride with a link to a payment form AND automatically update the ticket within the Profit System.    Sound too good to be true?  NOPE! 

Streamline your business even more with this extremely powerful, modern, and simple to use feature from BBL Solutions.  Combine this feature with Automation and your set to notify your brides and take payments for balances with a click of the mouse!

Can be done easily with full ChargeItPro integration and EmergepayContact BBL Support NOW to upgrade.

More Secure

In today’s world, everyone needs to be concerned about security, no matter how big or small you are.  As technology evolves so must the way we transmit data over the internet.  If you haven’t upgraded to the latest version of BBL, chances are that you aren’t as secure as you need to be.

Tablet Licenses

Finding that you need a more mobile solution to your setup with ProfitSytem? 

Tablet licenses are an inexpensive way to access the Profit System with the same, easy to navigate menu.  Tables and forms are enhanced to give sleek and clean access to your data and allow you to help your brides on the move.

When paired with BBL Solutions Web Services Package, access your server or store from home, the beach, or where ever you want!

Want to add a tablet license to your licenses?  Contact BBL Support NOW and request a tablet license.

Auto Inventory Import Available

Version 13 ushered in a new and powerful feature for independent bridal shop, called Picture Perfect. This slick tool quickly adds pictures when adding new inventory.

Need more data, such as size charts or color charts?  Integrate the Profit System with eStyle Central or Syvo to automatically import your market orders.  Save TONS of time, money and headache by getting your inventory entered AUTOMATICALLY.

Automated Notifications

As an independent Bridal Shop Owner, there are far better things for you or your limited resources to focus on than leaving messages in a voice mail.  New versions of ProfitSystem have SMS capability AND auto phone calls features that can be triggered for specific actions. Let your the Bridal Profit System point of sale do the work for you.

Need to notify your brides that their dress is in?  Auto notify them with a friendly text message, email, or phone call.  Bridesmaids or tux notifications?  Simple!  Program your trigger and forget about it.  Focus on selling the brides right in front of you.  Besides, brides prefer text messages rather than listening to a voicemail.

Want to send and receive text messages from your brides?  Contact BBL Support NOW and request to be set up with SMS messaging.

Ready To Upgrade?

You can download Version 13.9.1 right now. Released October 9th, 2019.

We are here to help! Have a special circumstance or need one on one guided help? Contact BBL Systems, creators of The Profit System and EverywhereBridal, for support or one on one individualized coaching and support. Contact us at [email protected] or 1-800-587-7277