Version 12.x Features

Windows 10 Updated look and feel

Credit Card payment processing and EMV support

  •  No credit card numbers, checking account number, or debit card numbers ever pass through your computers with the implementation of EMV capable terminals that are integrated with the ProfitSystem.  100% PCI compliance
  • 100% support for new EMV chip-and-pin cards

SmartLink – Vendor Integration

  • Support for Watters, download inventory and send purchase orders
  • Support for Jim’s Formalwear.  Automatically load Jim’s rental inventory styles and sizes.  Send rental orders electronically to Jim’s via Ez-Tux cloud based ordering system
  • Can import two images for each style (Dessy)

Style Options

  • Dresses may be assigned up to FOUR color options & specified during sale on ticket
  • Color fields can be named (chiffon, skirt, belt, etc.)
  • View the complete purchase history for any style directly on the style form.  Drill down to the customer card who purchased or ticket it was sold onMy

 My Info – Responsive

  • Web‐Based My Info display which provides detail customer, order and balance details is now responsive looking great on mobile devices.


  • Integration can use BigCommerce categories which will be an aid for future faceted searches
  • New Price field allows for a Special e‐commerce price vs in‐store price
  • Add fields for page title, meta keywords, meta description, and search keywords for upload to Bigcommerce.  Greatly improves SEO
  • Add email merge code for the Bigcommerce url to the item, so when the email is sent the Customer can click and purchase online
  • eStyle Central support for Inventory load & on-hand updates to/from


  • Re‐Order qty by style by store
  • Customer name on transfer forms
  • Revenue reports can be run in batch for multiple stores


  • Show customer measurements on Pull Report
  • Up to 19 item types on when pre-registering rental orders
  • New Return Orders Report, shows what orders were returned, and when.  
  • Batch printing of Rental Agreements
  • Rental agreement can be printed at ship time for rental orders
  • Rental orders can now be shipped directly to customers
  • Display event name and role on Sub‐rental order form at top level

General Operation

  • When adding Prospects, Customers,  Appointments  & Events – users can search for existing customers by eMail or phone number
  • Sales Associates may be assigned Payroll IDs which will print on timecards
  • Automatically generate and save Customer Balances Report and Inventory Report at year‐end for historical purposes.  Allows for these reports to be ran for previous years once the archive is built up.
  • Event form Attendant Registration Web Form The Bride logs into a web page and registers her attendants via a web form.  The attendant names, styles to be worn, colors, etc. are automatically loaded in the ProfitSystem.  When attendant orders the information is auto inserted onto their ticket.  An ideal feature when maids are ordering different styles and/or colors.
  • Added an “un‐subscribe” to marketing” to customer record/prospect.  Contains a date that will stop Marketing from sending batch emails, SMS etc, however email address is retained for transactional emails, such as receipt emailing.
  • When returning a  cancelled sales ticket item to inventory, add to existing SCW history entry if present
  • Made the Event, Customer & Sales ticket larger.  Sized for 1024×768 screen resolutions
  • Enhanced Labels/Tag/Mailing label editor is easier to use
  • Mobile Service provider not required for SMS
  • Direct SMS messages and automated Voice calls to customers for appointment reminders, balance updates, and more!
  • Mass marketing output may now be directed to MailChimp via the new BBL integration
  • Shipping via FedEx, UPS, and USPS is included for free via  Print  shipping labels to thermal and laser printers!
  • Every email, SMS, and voice call is logged to the customer or prospect.  View your complete contact history at any time!

Automation (drip) Marketing 

  • Extensive new capabilities called “Automation Marketing”
  • User creates actions, such as creating TO DOs, SMS, eMail, Text to Voice messages using over 22 triggers.  
  • Triggers include when new prospects are created or sales created or appointments completed and many more. Emails and other outbound options may be scheduled to automatically occur based on your user defined rules.  
  • Automation will increase business and customer satisfaction!

Prom specific

  • HTML Prom Registration form intended to be completed when the customer appears in the store.  It may be placed on a web server so a Prom customer can complete via a tablet, smartphone or in store kiosk