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Bridal, Tuxedo and Prom Software Solutions

BBL Systems, Inc. is excited to present our Point-of-Sale applications and sister modules.  This software consist of bridal software, tuxedo software and prom software to optimize operations by reducing costs, increasing sales and controlling inventory of these type of retail stores.

These products are state of the art computer software programs designed for bridal, prom & tuxedo specialty shops and engineered for Windows™ XP, Vista,7,8 (32 bit or 64 bit) or Server 2000/2003/2008/2012  (32 bit or 64 bit).

They incorporate 30+ years of our experience, but more importantly the ideas, needs and desires of our 1000+ customer installations around the world.

They can be installed locally in your store on low cost, industry standard PC equipment.  Your data is local to you and NOT readable by BBL or any other person (unlike web-based rental software solutions).  Also the software is always available and not dependent on the on / off whims of the internet.


Software Solutions

BPS™ is bridal software & offers a true easy to use graphical interface utilizing a keyboard, mouse and/or optional touch screen to operate. BPS™ has many years of  development effort invested with the result being a program that is the most powerful, feature rich and easiest to use Point of Sale program on the market for ANY industry!  DEMO Video  
TPOS™ is tuxedo software designed for rental operators whom own one or more stores and wish to have excellent retail rental order management, business tracking and cash control.

With the evolving business requirements of the rental industry, TPOS™ is the only software system available that can easily adapt to these changing needs. TPOS™ has a strong foundation in apparel retail, special order (needed for bridal), and rental order management. Rental order management may be utilized to operators who do not own their rental inventory OR those operators that own thousands of rental garments. We do it all!!  DEMO Video 

TPS™ is tuxedo rental software designed for companies who own rental inventory: rent tuxedos or other merchandise and wish to manage the production of the rental orders created.  It is software that provides the necessary reservation tracking/performance tools to insure orders are produced & shipped on time. Inventory allocation on a daily basis is supported and complete inventory tracking is handled. In addition, sub-rental management is included along with modules for wholesale account management, invoicing and accounts receivable.  DEMO Video

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Additional Software Features for WinBPS, WinTPOS, WinTPS

  • Accounting Integration
  • Appointment Management
  • Credit & Debit Card Services – Electronic Payments
  • Custom Fitting & Alteration Management
  • Integrated Shipping – FedEX & UPS
  • Time Management – Employee Time Clock
  • Marketing – Bulk eMail & Web Services
  • eCommerce – A online store
  • Data Security – Titan Cloud Storage

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