Bridal Profit System (BPS) is a state of art Microsoft Windows software application designed to reduce cost and enhance the efficiency of a bridal, prom or tuxedo store operation.

BPS is designed specifically to reduce the time to operate a store while providing large volumes of organized business data allowing store management to make informed, intelligent decisions.

The system is created with a complete knowledge & understanding of a special occasion store’s workflow.  This understanding has allowed BBL to create a system that is easy to learn & fast to implement.

BBL ProfitSystem is a “feature rich” application.  All features found within this system are a direct result of customer requests.  BBL is very please to incorporate new requested features in each version of ProfitSystem.


The largest expense in the implementation of a computer software system is NOT it’s acquisition cost, but training, data conversion and in-shop procedural changes to adjust to the new software.  Many stores implement software, only to find that it is inadequate.  Their only option is to repeat the process, hoping to make a better software decision the next time.  With ProfitSystem, a store will NOT experience this dilemma!

Please review this short 30 minute demonstration of the core Bridal ProfitSystem features.  Click Here!

Bridal Profit System

Important functions include:

grant  Retail Inventory Management

Inventory Management is the KEY feature of this system.  Why?  Because most shops fail due to over buying and the lack of a revenue producing retail inventory.  WinBPS is engineered to provide the decision tools to keep buying to a minimum while enjoying enhanced sales.

Multiple prices per item, comments view-able form register, unlimited notes, promotion support, receive history with invoice & purchase order, size chart support, color chart support, color matrix support, category with sub-category, extra charges management, margin management, save multiple images and/or video with each style, web catalog creation, quantity on hand, quantity sold, MTD, YTD & Lifetime for each style, UPC, SKU or bar-code creation, custom price tag support with built-in WYSIWYG tag editor, size and color sales statistics, last customer sold to, a style’s MTD, YTD and Life sales & margin, discontinued merchandise management, over 30 detailed inventory reports and more.  Integrated tracking of items to be shipped to customers.  Detailed inventory movement reporting, Inventory, return, repair or cleaning location tracking and much, much more.

grant    Lay away / Pickup Inventory

The majority of shops must provide a merchandise purchased storage service to their customers until their event takes place.

This module will track customer purchased merchandise that is in the store awaiting pickup, provide notification management, notify by email or call, form letter management,  date in,  comments, date notified, multiple reports to help mange the inventory, Identification tag prints on demand or upon special order receipt. Dunning capabilities such as statements and reports to insure final payments are received in a on-time manner.

grant   Prospecting

Having a customer walk through your door into your shop is half the battle.  But most do not purchase the first time in.  A savvy shop owner knows each & every prospect should be contacted to urge them back to the store for a purchase.  WinBPS offers marketing support for this need.

Telemarketing reports based on complex criteria as: vendor of items most interested in, price point, event date, event type, category of merchandise, etc.  USPS mailing list generation, email blast generation, prospect exporting to excel, word & more, draw/advertising analysis, prospect type, plus many more features.

grant  Marketing

Prospecting is one piece of the marketing puzzle and we have the other pieces as well.

We offer eMail campaign management/tracking including an integrated HTML editor to easily allow for high quality, graphic rich email blasts.  SMS is supported for promotion & event notification alerts. Send email/alerts to prospects or customers based upon likes/dislikes or purchase history.  For example send a text message to all brides that have not purchased bridesmaid gowns with wedding dates 4 months out to tell them about a special bridesmaid promotion.  Takes less than 5 minutes to do!!  Much more is offered.

eMail and SMS capabilities are part of an annual BBL Service Agreement.  Please review our marketing videos for an introduction to the ProfitSystem marketing features.  Click here

grant   Customer / Event Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a important component of the BBL system.  Knowing who your customers are, how to contact them, what they have purchased, what is on order and all their important event details it “mission critical” to the success of any shop. WinBPS provides the necessary tools to keep staff up-to-date on each & every customer with minimal effort and lightning fast access.  Tools include:

Customer’s have detailed contact information stored, measurements, outstanding tickets & balances, purchase history, ticket history, special order and lay away status.. etc Event Management is where customer’s are assigned to events, i.e. Wedding, Proms (High Schools) or Socials and event details are entered.  Events are comprised of members, each with event roles.  Events are a fast & easy way to see the details of a event party allowing a shop to answer any question concerning an event history in 15 seconds or less.  Many more features are included.

grant   Cash Register

A key feature of any valid “point of sale” software system is to track sales by category/department and monies collected.  BBL’s WinBPS system goes well beyond this basic set of features to provide the broadest set of easy to use tools to maintain accurate accountability.  A partial listing of software tools include:

Each customer has a virtual sales ticket ledger showing a chronological list of ALL sales, payments, special orders & markdowns on one screen. Customized sales receipt terms & conditions of sale (multi contracts are supported).  Unlimited tax rates are supported, Sales tax may be changed, added or removed to any item sold, Detailed tax reports for any time period, Daily store closing and cash count management tools are provided.  Daily revenue balancing “shop accounting” report is provided which totals sales, deposits/receivables, sales taxes to money collected.  Customer “store credits” (for returns) are available.  Touch screens, cash drawers, barcode scanners, gift cards, credit card & debit cards can be utilized. And many more features…

grant  Purchase Orders / Special Orders

Purchase Orders for stock and specials is a time consuming and tedious task that takes the owner/manager hours to manage properly. WinBPS will eliminate over 80% of this labor while reducing errors & stress.

Purchase Order management is a critical daily function of running a store.  Items must be ordered and received in time of events.  Orders cannot be misplaced or incorrectly ordered.  WinBPS offers multiple software tools to manage this entire process.  Alerts are provided for close orders.  Reports may be ran for orders running close/late.  Special Order information is touched only once and approved by the customer (to reduce/eliminate errors).  A complete system is in place to allow the shop to concentrate on selling new merchandise rather than spending hours ordering & managing what has already been sold!

grant   Accounting

Most shop owners/managers are not accountants, but are forced into this role due to the complexities of running a bridal, prom or tuxedo specialty store.   Most shops realize revenue & taxes when items are completely paid, while others realize the revenue & taxes immediately when items are sold and some shops wait to realize revenue when merchandise is taken out of the store. Bridal ProfitSystem can accommodate any of these accounting scenarios AUTOMATICALLY, without additional time or effort.

The BBL Daily accounting revenue report can accommodate multiple accounting triggers and is configured where daily monies collected automatically balance to sales, taxes & liabilities.  This accounting report may be ran daily, weekly, monthly or for any time period and is suitable for an accountant.  As an added aid this report can be optionally (requires a special software module) exported to Quickbooks or Peachtree accounting software.  Detailed sales tax reports are available to make filing tax reports a breeze.  Many more capabilities are provided…

grant  Reporting

Bridal ProfitSystem is busy collecting and organizing the details or your business as customers & sales are created within the system.  As a result, statistical information about your business is readily available and accessible in a matter of seconds.  This provides a shop owner a “piece of mind” knowing they have control over their business thru information allowing for informed decisions.

ProfitSystem offers over 500 business management reports allowing all “who, what & when” questions to be answered.  Sales and margin by vendor, category, style, size color, sales consultant are available.  Booked sales or revenue realized sales. Inventory turn, activity. Styles not/last sold analysis.  Detailed vendor ranking by margin or sales, size & color performance.  All reports may be exported to Microsoft excel and custom reports created via our included report query feature.

grant  eCommerce Integration

Most customers today would like to browse your store’s selection before they come in.  Bridal ProfitSystem provides tools so a online web catalog or even an online store of your selected styles may be presented for browsing or purchased via our optional integration with BigCommerce and eStyle Central.

Easy selection of which styles to include online, with SEO data, pricing, imaging and more.

grant  Online Customer Service

The phone keeps ringing with the same questions from your customers.  “Has my dress arrived yet, have all my maids been in and what is my balance?”  Bridal ProfitSystem has the solution via it’s online self-service feature we call MyInfo.

ProfitSystem will automatically generate a web page for each customer containing key information, i.e. Balance, maids/groomsman balanced, Status of special orders, PDF of their receipt.  This personal information is accessible via a secret web key that is printed on the customer receipt.  These pages may be linked to your store’s existing web-site and is a feature included with a BBL Service Agreement..

grant  Return, Cleaning, Repair

Where is that gown?  Did the bride take it or is it back from being returned to manufacturer?  Or was it taken to seamstress?

Don’t panic!  Bridal ProfitSystem tracks customer merchandise and your inventory so you know where it is.  Relax with the power of knowledge.

grant  Shipping

It’s a hassle, but providing a shipping service to customers is a must.  How do you keep up what needs to be shipped and to where?  Alot of paper, effort & time is required.  Now, providing this service is a breeze with WinBPS!

Mark items to be shipped with a address & collect fees when the the customer ask for shipping.  ProfitSystem auto alerts you when item is ready to be shipped, i.e. item received, address confirmed, balance paid. An optional interface is available directly to Fedex, UPS, & USPS so labels may be quickly created and tracking numbers auto inserted in customer files.

grant  Customer Notifications

All those special orders and all those customers who need to paid their balance.  How do notify these customers quickly and efficiently.  How do I know keep up with customers who have not paid in a timely fashion?

ProfitSystem has the answers with our complete customer notification system.  What has been received, which customers need notification, use built in mail/merge form for fast notification via USPS, integrated email or integrated faxing & customer statements.  Reports available to indicate unpaid customer items by age of receipt.  eMail & SMS may be used for notification as well with a BBL Service Agreement.